Marriage Statistics Report Region I (Ilocos Region): 2nd Quarter of 2018

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2018 - 27

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

There were 8,932 marriages registered during the second quarter of 2018, showing a decrease of 2.1 percent from the figure on the same period last year of 9,120 marriages.

Two provinces recorded an increase in the number of registered marriages from second quarter of 2017 to second quarter of 2018. A bigger increase was noted in La Union from 1,355 to 1,464 marriages (8.0 percent). While that of Ilocos Norte increased from 1,006 to 1,019 marriages (1.3 percent).

On the other hand, the provinces that posted a decrease in the number of registered marriages were Ilocos Sur from 1,582 to 1,392 (-12.0 percent) and Pangasinan from 5,177 to 5,057 (-2.3 percent).



The number of registered marriages in the province of Pangasinan went down to 5,057 during the second quarter of 2018 from 5,177 in the same quarter of 2017. The province of Pangasinan remained with the most number of registered marriages in the region. La Union ranked second with 1,464 (16.4 percent share) followed by Ilocos Sur with 1,392 (15.6 percent share). In same period of 2017, Ilocos Sur ranked second with 1,582 marriages (17.3 percent share) while La Union ranked third with 1,355 marriages (14.9 percent share).



On the other end, the province of Ilocos Norte posted the least number of registered marriages during the second quarter of 2017 and 2018 with 1,006 (11.0 percent share) and 1,019 (11.4 percent share), respectively.



The month of April was the most preferred month to tie the knot during the second quarter of 2018 with a total of 3,609 marriages. It corresponds to a daily average of 120 registered marriages which surpassed the regional daily average number during the quarter. In the same period of last year, May was the most preferred month to tie the knot with a total of 3,629 marriages translating to a daily average of 117 registered marriages. The least number of marriage occurrences during the second quarters of 2017 and 2018 was recorded in June posting a daily average of 84 and 69 marriage occurrences, respectively.





Marriages officiated in Roman Catholic Church topped the list among all types of marriage ceremonies in second quarter of 2018. It comprised 4,021 marriages or 45.0 percent of the total reported marriages. Marriages performed in civil rites ranked second with 3,067 marriages or 34.3 percent share followed by other religious rites with 1,828 or 20.5 percent.

A year earlier, marriages solemnized through Roman Catholic registered the highest number of marriages with 4,251 marriages or 46.6 percent share, followed closely by civil rites with 3,243 marriages or 35.6 percent share.

On the other end, marriages carried out under tribal rites posted the lowest number of registered marriages both in second quarter 2017 and second quarter 2018 with eight and three marriages, respectively.




The median age at marriage for brides and grooms were 26 and 28, respectively. The largest number of brides and grooms, who got married, belonged to ages 25 to 29 in second quarter of 2018 with 3,011 or 33.7 percent and 3,187 or 35.7 percent, respectively. Moreover, the number of teenage brides (714 or 8.0 percent) was more than thrice than the number of teenage grooms (202 or 2.3 percent).

On the contrary, at age 50 years old and over, the number of grooms (237 or 2.7 percent) was more than twice the number of brides (99 or 1.1 percent). It can be noted that men tend to marry even on or after their golden years. Grooms aged 75 years and over (8) were four times more than the number of brides (2).




















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Region I

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